Michael V.-Round Rock, Texas

Tory Ketter is the partner that a first time home buyer needs. He is attentive, responsive and helps you stay grounded in one of the most stressful situations anybody will ever experience. Tory came highly recommended by 3 different co-workers, and they were totally correct- Tory is the bomb.

My wife and I were grateful to have Tory on our side and we have a great first property to show for it. Not only that we also feel we have a friend and Realtor for life.

Aaron M-Austin, Texas

Tory is the best. I called him at the beginning of the year with a desperate and impossible scenario involving a friend's home. Tory sprang to action, and turned despair into hope. In just a few short months, a horrible situation turned into a blessing in disguise with his and his team's help. The turn around was head spinning fast; from listing to cash in bank for my friend was less than a month. Astonishing.

If you need help, you need Tory Ketter.

Jaime S.-Austin, Texas

My husband and I were able to buy our very first home in Austin this summer thanks to Tory's professionalism, skills, and dedication to his clients.

Tory was is very knowledgeable about the HOT Austin market, very personable and fun to work with, attentive, and responsive to his clients' wants and needs.

Even with a couple setbacks beyond the the buyer and buyer agent's control, we were able to stick to our mission of buying the first home we wanted to call our own. We had a very strict timeline (leading up to a two week vacation and needing to close before ending a rental lease) and Tory was able to make it ALL happen.

I would recommend Tory to any of my friends, family members, colleagues. etc., and will definately work with him again in the future whether it be buying an investment property or selling. Tory has a wide spectrum of real estate talent. Look no further than this guy!

Tory Ketter, is the Go Getter!

Sabrina W.-Round Rock, Texas

Tory is absolutely amazing!! I think what impresses me the most is he completely listens to his clients and he actually gets "it". He does not waste your time showing properties, because he has an agenda or thinks he knows better than what his clients want or need. If I had to describe him in 5 words I would say...responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, passionate and professional. So far I have purchased 2 homes using Tory Ketter and the transactions could not have been any easier. He makes home buying what it should be...exciting and stress free.

Last October, I worked with Tory for the first time to purchase a home for my parents. I was not shy about giving him a wish list that was very detailed and bit out of reach. Tory accepted the challenge and ended up finding a home that exceeded our expectations. My parents were moving from out of state and did not even get to see the home in person until it was purchased. Tory took me to look at 5 homes. All of them in line with our desires, but of course one of them was PERFECT!!

The second time I worked with Tory was to purchase an investment property. He once again proved he listens, understands and gets "it". He took me to see 1 home and it was "the one". I made him show me another one because I didn't believe that you could possibly purchase a home after only looking at one. I learned my lesson. In fact I have so much trust in Tory, that I would feel comfortable having him pick out a home and buying it without even seeing it. He is that good!!!

As far as the rest of the home buying transaction, I have had nothing but good luck with every professional he has introduced me too. Home insurance agent, home inspection, mortgage broker, legal services, handyman, moving services, etc. He surrounds himself with qualified, professional and friendly people. It is such a relief knowing you are in good hands.

His has impeccable detail and is extremely organized. I never have to worry about a thing and that is a wonderful feeling.

Diane M.-Austin, Texas

Tory is amazing! We used Tory to help us find a lease, but we will definitely use him when we are ready to buy our first home.

My fiance and I decided to move to Austin from Chicago, but we didn't have the time to fly down to Austin and view any potential leases. Meaning, we would have to sign a lease for a place sight unseen!

As scary as that sounds, Tory made the entire process simple. He talked us through the various Austin neighborhoods, found homes that met our specific specifications, answered all of my emails (and I bugged him a lot) and always delivered. He took the time to understand what we were looking for and talked us through the pros and cons of each decision.

I've never worked with an agent as awesome as Tory.

Gabrielle K.-Pflugerville, Texas

I thought I had written a review about Tory earlier but apparently not. My husband and I just moved into our home that Tory helped us purchase and while I wouldn't say the process was without some bumps along the way Tory was amazing at helping us navigate this uncharted territory. He also referred us to some great people along the way, our mortgage broker and our new insurance agent. Having someone that we could trust and that we got along with well were really important to us and Tory ended up being more than we could ask for.

Lior S.-Austin, Texas

This review is written about a realtor whom I have actually yet to meet in person. I've had the great pleasure of connecting with Tory through a referral once I needed to place my condo on the market for sale. As a first time (remote) home seller I was facing anxieties about the entire process especially after receiving feedback about my condo's area and previous sales. Tory's optimism and professionalism was apparent from day one. Through an initial phone conversation I was able to get all my concerns addressed and felt very comfortable about the entire process. While still having my tenant in the condo, Tory was able to work with him to expedite the process efficiently. Tory was very honest and provided great feedback. With the need to sell the condo as quickly as possible I relied on Tory's advise and expertise. Tory provided realistic improvement recommendations while also providing professional contractors to complete these tasks. Being remote and almost 800 miles away I relied heavily on Tory's feedback and supervision which was frequent and consistent. His staging and knowledge of the marketplace provided the platform for us getting an offer (above asking price) within 5 days and then a second offer followed shortly thereafter. While the process seemed rapid, seamless and painless we began experiencing some hurdles and speed bumps. However, these speed bumps didn't slow Tory and he seemed to always have alternate solutions. Eventually the condo sold quicker and under better conditions that I expected (while also exceeding market conditions). As a first time home seller Tory provided me all the reassurances and instilled a very high level of confidence in the process. I am doubtful that anyone would have been able to sell this condo any better than Tory Ketter. We are still working through some of those sale "speed bumps" and "unexpected surprises" that are by no means a reflection of the realtor and I know that Tory has it all under control. The realtor fees were well earned and all is left to say is thank you.

Misty B.-Pflugerville, Texas

Let me tell you a little something about Tory Ketter! He is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was sooo skeptical about our house being sold, I just knew it wouldn't sell. Tory was always positive about everything!! He definitely kept my worries aside! And sure enough, we put our house on the market and 16 days later it had an offer on it!!! Then when looking for our next house, he took everything that we wanted in a house and helped us find EXACTLY what we were looking for and he ended up finding us the house of our dreams!! Tory knows everyone and everyone says wonderful things about him! I ended up finding out he helped a friend of mine at work get their house as well! I just can't stop thinking about all the wonderful things he did for us. And he and I had a great fun time looking for houses too :) I'm definitely letting everyone know about Tory and how he can help them find their dream house! LOVE YOU TORY!!! The Bakers :)

Mel E.-Austin, Texas

Tory was super helpful! I had 3 days to find a place before I moved to Austin for a job and after I sent him a never ending list of things I loved and hated he had one day to show me around. I found the perfect place! Not only do I love my new apartment but Tory knowing that I was a foodie gave me a tour of his favorite restaurants. Needless to say I've visited quite a few and so far they all get two thumbs up. I'm super picky and he got the job done in record time, he's just amazing!

Brandie R.-Pflugerville, Texas

Great ... amazing ... delightful ... Tory is beyond words! He is passionate about his work and even when dealing with an emergency, his listing got us 5 lease applications in less than one week! This made what could have been a worrisome situation breezy & easy. Tory took the time to go over all of our options after fully learning the details of our situation. His website is http://kettersbetter.com and there is no false advertising going on there; he really is better. If you're looking for a Realtor, visit with Tory!

Matt A.-Austin, Texas

Tory's amazing. That's all there is to it. He goes above and beyond what we expected from a Realtor. Now, we have a beautiful home thanks to Tory!

Molly & James M.-South Austin

We worked with Tory to find our first home in Austin. He and his team were wonderful to work with. He listened to the needs of our family and found us the perfect home. We could not be happier! The process was so smooth, it was really a wonderful experience. I would recommend him to anyone!

Ron P.-Onion Creek

Tory was referred to us several years ago by a good friend who used him to sell her house. Our house had been on the market for over 6 months with a Realtor that simply placed it on multiple listing and sat back and hoped it sold. We decided to change our listing to Tory, he immediately met with us, discussed pricing and strategy to sell our house, and from that point we knew his energy was what we needed. After listing our house, we went out of town for a week and when we came back, Tory had staged our house to market the features that it had. We were shocked, it looked so good we wanted to take it off the market and keep it.

Story short, we sold our house in less than 30 days.

Since then, I recently used Tory to buy an investment house. We offered significantly lower than what the seller was asking and Tory worked hard with the seller to make the deal work. This seller was tough, but Tory stuck in there until the sale closed. During the whole process, the seller commented on how much she liked Tory and his professionalism.

Story short, Tory was successful.

I have bought/sold in the real estate market for years in Austin and dealt with all of the negotiations on my own and in some cases Realtors that didn’t work for me. Tory success is not luck; he works hard to make it happen for his clients. Since I met Tory, I find it to my advantage for him to help me negotiate a sell or buy of real estate because of his ability and willingness to take the extra steps to make the experience successful.

I like working with successful people, thank you Tory!

Laura & Brian L.-Cedar Park

As good as it gets! I highly recommend Tory Ketter for his expertise and negotiating skills. He takes the time to get to know his clients and searches for the houses that would be a best fit when searching for a new home. I have worked with him for years on a professional level and was so excited to ask him to be our real estate agent on our new home purchase. Tory ensures a very smooth transaction and delivers. He also has an arsenal of referrals from flooring specialists to inspectors that have the same work ethic. Tory is a fierce negotiator with his clients interest at heart. He loves what he does and it shows. I would refer Tory Ketter to anyone I know that needs real estate assistance in buying or selling their home.

Lynsdey R.-Round Rock

Tory was EXTREMELY helpful as a realtor for us! We were in search of a rental home in the Austin/Round Rock area. We had a list of musts, things like a house that would take our dogs, a garage, a backyard etc. Tory never made it seem like these things were a pain and instead he worked hard to find us a place that fit our criteria but also seemed like a place we could happily live in for at least a year. We were so pleased with Tory and know that we will use him when we are ready to buy! Thanks Tory!!

Aaron M.-Village At Western Oaks

Tory is the best. I called him at the beginning of the year with a desperate and impossible scenario involving a friend's home. Tory sprang to action, and turned despair into hope. In just a few short months, a horrible situation turned into a blessing in disguise with his and his team's help. The turn around was head spinning fast; from listing to cash in bank for my friend was less than a month. Astonishing.

If you need help, you need Tory Ketter.

Jan H.-East Austin

Tory knocks it outta the park over and over. A Kettersbetter client is rewarded with excellent customer service and a remarkable home and/or real estate investment!

Melinda C.-Round Rock

Tory was wonderful to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home. He was able to help me figure out what we needed and wanted. He is so good natured and pleasant to work with. Buying a home with Tory was a pleasure.

Meggie A.-South Austin

Tory went above and beyond for us when we bought our first home. We were incredibly hesitant to buy and were not sure we would actually go through with it. But from the very first phone call he put us at ease.

Tory was able to decipher who we were, what we wanted and what we needed and package it together to find our dream home. He views all his homes before showing and really gets intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods and surrounding areas. This guy knows Austin real estate like the back of his hand. We ended up falling in love with the VERY FIRST HOME he showed us.

Our family is a walking advertisement for Tory. I can't emphasize enough why I think he is the best realtor in town!