Lior S.-Austin, Texas

This review is written about a realtor whom I have actually yet to meet in person. I've had the great pleasure of connecting with Tory through a referral once I needed to place my condo on the market for sale. As a first time (remote) home seller I was facing anxieties about the entire process especially after receiving feedback about my condo's area and previous sales. Tory's optimism and professionalism was apparent from day one. Through an initial phone conversation I was able to get all my concerns addressed and felt very comfortable about the entire process. While still having my tenant in the condo, Tory was able to work with him to expedite the process efficiently. Tory was very honest and provided great feedback. With the need to sell the condo as quickly as possible I relied on Tory's advise and expertise. Tory provided realistic improvement recommendations while also providing professional contractors to complete these tasks. Being remote and almost 800 miles away I relied heavily on Tory's feedback and supervision which was frequent and consistent. His staging and knowledge of the marketplace provided the platform for us getting an offer (above asking price) within 5 days and then a second offer followed shortly thereafter. While the process seemed rapid, seamless and painless we began experiencing some hurdles and speed bumps. However, these speed bumps didn't slow Tory and he seemed to always have alternate solutions. Eventually the condo sold quicker and under better conditions that I expected (while also exceeding market conditions). As a first time home seller Tory provided me all the reassurances and instilled a very high level of confidence in the process. I am doubtful that anyone would have been able to sell this condo any better than Tory Ketter. We are still working through some of those sale "speed bumps" and "unexpected surprises" that are by no means a reflection of the realtor and I know that Tory has it all under control. The realtor fees were well earned and all is left to say is thank you.