Misty B.-Pflugerville, Texas

Let me tell you a little something about Tory Ketter! He is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was sooo skeptical about our house being sold, I just knew it wouldn't sell. Tory was always positive about everything!! He definitely kept my worries aside! And sure enough, we put our house on the market and 16 days later it had an offer on it!!! Then when looking for our next house, he took everything that we wanted in a house and helped us find EXACTLY what we were looking for and he ended up finding us the house of our dreams!! Tory knows everyone and everyone says wonderful things about him! I ended up finding out he helped a friend of mine at work get their house as well! I just can't stop thinking about all the wonderful things he did for us. And he and I had a great fun time looking for houses too :) I'm definitely letting everyone know about Tory and how he can help them find their dream house! LOVE YOU TORY!!! The Bakers :)