Sabrina W.-Round Rock, Texas

Tory is absolutely amazing!! I think what impresses me the most is he completely listens to his clients and he actually gets "it". He does not waste your time showing properties, because he has an agenda or thinks he knows better than what his clients want or need. If I had to describe him in 5 words I would say...responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, passionate and professional. So far I have purchased 2 homes using Tory Ketter and the transactions could not have been any easier. He makes home buying what it should be...exciting and stress free.

Last October, I worked with Tory for the first time to purchase a home for my parents. I was not shy about giving him a wish list that was very detailed and bit out of reach. Tory accepted the challenge and ended up finding a home that exceeded our expectations. My parents were moving from out of state and did not even get to see the home in person until it was purchased. Tory took me to look at 5 homes. All of them in line with our desires, but of course one of them was PERFECT!!

The second time I worked with Tory was to purchase an investment property. He once again proved he listens, understands and gets "it". He took me to see 1 home and it was "the one". I made him show me another one because I didn't believe that you could possibly purchase a home after only looking at one. I learned my lesson. In fact I have so much trust in Tory, that I would feel comfortable having him pick out a home and buying it without even seeing it. He is that good!!!

As far as the rest of the home buying transaction, I have had nothing but good luck with every professional he has introduced me too. Home insurance agent, home inspection, mortgage broker, legal services, handyman, moving services, etc. He surrounds himself with qualified, professional and friendly people. It is such a relief knowing you are in good hands.

His has impeccable detail and is extremely organized. I never have to worry about a thing and that is a wonderful feeling.